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What is the Average ACL Tear Surgery Cost – Testing Done On Site


What is the Average ACL Tear Surgery Cost – Testing Done On Site

Surgery is an expensive endeavor: Between salaries for the operating team, operating room costs, the cost of surgical materials, medication, malpractice insurance, and follow-up appointments, it's easy to see why surgeries can often be 5- or even 6-digit affairs. The average ACL tear surgery cost is no exception. Fortunately, with insurance patients only pay a small portion of the total cost of surgery.

Getting surgery when necessary can help to reduce future health care costs, as well as increasingacl tear surgery cost work productivity and improving a person's overall quality of life.

Average Costs

The exact amount that each patient pays for surgery will depend on several factors, such as the type of surgery used, the cost of living in the area, and whether or not the patient develops any complications. In addition, the type of insurance held will play a role - people with high copays and deductibles will pay more out-of-pocket. With these factors in mind, most patients pay anywhere between several hundred and several thousand dollars, although some may pay less.


If you are not currently insured, it's a good idea to obtain insurance before undergoing surgery; otherwise, you will be faced with a high ACL tear surgery cost. Under the new health care law, your preexisting conditions will still be covered when you obtain insurance, even if you haven't had insurance for a while.

Most patients are able to afford their portion of the surgery up-front - in fact, whether or not you can afford the deductible should be a consideration when choosing an insurance plan. If you cannot afford to make the full payment all at once, you can inquire with your doctor's office about whether or not a payment plan is available.

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